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For now... enjoy the view.

Hey, so about that season you promised...

Well, it's that time where we officially tell you that we are not going to have a Season 15

at the barn. 

As a small company using a piece of property that we do not own, we cannot comply with the Maryland regulations. 




Don't worry! We aren't down for the count! 


As a creative company that thrives on challenges and obstacles that expand our growth, we bravely except this one and raise our glasses to new mediums. 


During our normal five-week time, we will be putting out videos of our company members retelling our most favorite shows from the past. You'll get an insight into how the shows magically come together in such a short time as well as many good belly laughs at our expense. These will be posted both here, on our website, as well as our Facebook page. 

We will miss you this summer. 

Our TOTL Company

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"The overwhelming, and infectious, enthusiasm and talent of the cast made for a wonderful evening. The barn makes for an intimate setting and the cast always makes good use of that." 
-Thomas Corrigan

"Every member of the company is endlessly talented and the barn, for me, made it a cozy and intimate experience."
-Kelly Kirkwood

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